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Meet the Crew

We all work hard and play hard.  Fishing isn't just a sport, but a way of life for some of us.
We love the LUNKER PRO slip sinker weights and want to share it with fellow anglers everywhere. 

Sabrina Butler is a creator and entrepreneur. The LUNKER PRO evolved over time with Sabrina and her father, Jack Brereton, an avid fisherman. Jack’s focus was based on trying to find better/more convenient options to allow more accurate and longer casts, slower rates of sinking, and less likeliness of snagging in weeds.

What Jack was looking for was a simple, convenient to use, device that had enough mass/weight for casting, with a combination of some buoyancy to control the sinking. He and Sabrina came up with the LUNKER PRO.

They have been working on the creation and perfection of the LUNKER PRO for over a year and it’s ready for other to experience and enjoy.  

Nick and His Catch

Nick Jaksa

Nick has over 30 years in global business development in various industries, He has an excellent feel for how to approach and grow markets. He is our marketing guru. 

Sabrina Butler and the Lunker Pro Trout Catch

Sabrina Butler

Sabrina is one of the most energetic and creative entrepreneurs you will meet. She is an artist and creator and has many ideas & products to enhance life's journey.

Dad, Jack out fishing with the Lunker Pro

Jack Brereton

Jack is an avid fisherman and Sabrina's father. He gave Sabrina the inspiration for the Lunker Pro and he is their biggest fan. You will always catch Jack and his fishing buddies using the Lunker Pro slip sinker fishing weights.  

Travis Grimsley

Travis has over 15 years with various leadership roles in multiple industries.
He's been a life long fisherman, growing up fishing walleye, perch, and bass.