Slip Sinker Fishing Weights - EIGHT GREAT FEATURES

What sets The LUNKER PRO apart from the other slip sinker fishing weights


The LUNKER PRO enables you to cast farther and with more precision. It’s a perfect balance of the inner slip sinker weight, with the outer shell of EVA foam that is light and airy. This combination makes for the perfect casting ability. 


The same features that enables the LUNKER PRO to help you cast farther and precisely, also allows for a slower, controlled sink to the bottom, with a much softer landing.


When you tug or reel your line the LUNKER PRO'S unique float feature enables it to rise quickly out of the water to avoid weeds and other bothersome things in the water. The LUNKER PRO comes floating back to the surface vs. dragging through weeds before surfacing.


The line moves freely through the LUNKER PRO slip sinker vs conventional weights that are hooked to the line. The fish doesn’t feel any drag, and this keeps the fish on the hook until it’s set. You are much less likely to lose the fish.


How to keep the LUNKER PRO on your line, and back to your tackle box and most importantly not polluting the water. The LUNKER PRO is put on your fishing line above the swivel on the stronger-test line. Add the swivel and a lighter line after the swivel. This enables the lighter line to break after the LUNKER PRO.


Once you start reeling, the LUNKER PRO starts to float back up to the top and is visible on the surface. The LUNKER PRO is also very visible when casting, enabling you can see where you cast.


The LUNKER PRO is a tough piece of fishing gear.  It's made of a very durable EVA foam outer casing, You can bounce it off rocks and concrete, and it can withstand most any abuse without losing it's color. The LUNKER PRO holds up and looks great, use after use.


Grab it and go. It's easy to thread your line into the inverted conical end of the LUNKER PRO. The slope guides your line through.  Also, No dealing with water bubbles or pinching weights onto your line. The LUNKER PRO is an easy, awesome fishing weight.

Finally - Something  to love in your tackle box.

 A fishing weight that meets the needs of anglers everywhere. Casting this weight is pure pleasure.

There isn't another fishing weight on the market that can compare to the LUNKER PRO. If it only had one of the special features, it would be enough.

Take eight different advantages and you are bound to love at least one of them and wonder where the LUNKER PRO has been all your life.

The LUNKER PRO is made of a lead weight with an inverted conical end for easy threading onto your line, covered with a durable EVA foam outer shell that is the perfect balance of weight and buoyancy.
This allows for the weight to slowly sink to the bottom, and then quickly rise again when your line is reeled or tugged.

Jack trout fishing in Utah

The LUNKER PRO Fishing Weights

Choose from three different colors, shapes and weights

LUNKER PRO Controlled sinking- farther casting fishing weights
Lunker Pro Large Torpedo Fishing Weight


APPROX SIZE -   3"  X  3/4" - 24 GRAMS

The Torpedo LUNKER PRO is for the serious angler.  It is the largest of theLUNKER PROS.. It casts like a dream in lakes when fishing from a boat or fishing from shore.

Lunker Pro Small Torpedo Fishing Weight

Torpedo Jr. LUNKER PRO

APPROX SIZE -  2  1/2"  X   3/4" - 18 GRAMS

This LUNKER PRO weight gets the job done.  It's great for lake fishing from a boat or from the shore. Also good for river fishing.

Lunker Pro Oval Fishing Weight


APPROX SIZE -  2"  X  1" - 22 GRAMS

 The Fatboy is great for fishing lake or rivers. It bounces off of rocks & out of crevices. A different shape for a different experience.