Fishing with the LUNKER PRO
slip sinkers

Kayak fishing for bass w/ Torpedo Jr. slip sinker

trout fishing with lunker pro


Slip Sinker Rig

Slide the end of your fishing line through the LUNKER PRO. Tie the end of the fishing line to one end of the barrel swivel using a fisherman's knot. Then, use 18-36" of lighter test for your leader line. Tie one end of the 18-inch leader to the other end of the barrel swivel. Then, tie the open end of the test line to a hook and add your bait.
Once you cast your line, the LUNKER PRO, hook, and bait will slowly sink to the bottom and your leader line with POWERBAIT or live bait will float up to the desired depth.

walleye fishing with the LUNKER PRO


Carolina Rig

Use the Carolina Rig for walleye fishing with the LUNKER PRO. Most walleye fishermen will use their Carolina Rig with nightcrawlers or minnows, or other live bait. You can also use, soft plastics; grubs, finesse worms, swimbaits, etc. You can even use some lures such as spinners, crankbaits and spoons, although this isn't as popular on a Carolina Rig. 

catfish fishing with LUNKER PRO


Santee Cooper Rig

The slip sinker rig is the essential rig for catfish anglers. It can be used for fishing on anchor, drift fishing, fishing vertical, using techniques like controlled drifting or fished on the bottom with a “tight line”.
It can be used for all three of the major species of catfish, blues, channels and flatheads.
It can also be used in any body of water from lakes and reservoirs to big rivers or ponds and everything in between.

crappie fishing with  LUNKER PRO


Drag-Lining / Tight-Lining

Fishing deep water? This might be the technique for you. The general setup is a 1-ounce sinker tied to the end of your main line, with a couple leaders spaced 18 inches apart. This rig is best used while trolling. You will be dragging the sinker along the bottom, creating vibrations that alert crappie of a potential meal. Be very attentive to the vibrations you feel. You must raise the rod when you start feeling resistance or you may end up in a snag. Overall, this technique is great for fishing suspended crappie during summer, fall, and winter.

bass fishing with LUNKER PRO


In Summer with Carolina Rig

When the bass are done spawning and begin moving to offshore cover and structure for the summer, a Carolina rig is actually one of the most productive ways to catch these sluggish fish. “After you catch a bunch of smaller ones and the bite dies, you can start catching the big ones on a Carolina rig.
It’s something slower and more subtle than a crankbait, but it’s much more efficient than a traditional Texas Rig.

Whitefish ice fishing with LUNKER PRO


Under Ice, a Single Egg with Carolina Rig

A single salmon egg is a great bait for whitefish using a Carolina Rig. Slide a LUNKER PRO onto the main line with stronger test, then add your swivel. Use 8 to 12 inches for a leader with lighter line. Add a small single hook. Let the LUNKER PRO sit on the bottom, but keep your line tight.

Torpedo Jr.

Torpedo Jr. Lunker Pro slip sinker

The LUNKER PRO fishing weights

Choose from three different colors, shapes and weights

LUNKER PRO Controlled sinking- farther casting fishing weights

Sabrina's first fish with the LUNKER PRO slip sinker 

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